About Caino.
into the future.

A fellowship of two men, one from Milan the other from Brescia, rightful heirs to the ancient knowledge of swordsmithing, we have brought the historic and prestigious trademark “CAINO” back to life.
Caino is the name of the renowned heartland of the swordsmiths in Brescia, the place where the art of the ancient Masters created blades of incredible beauty and incomparable technical refinement.

Having practiced HEMA for years, we study and rigorously apply Achille Marozzo’s treatises – particularly the THIRD BOOK of his Opera Nova dated 1536.
Having been orphaned of the appropriate martial equipment necessary for deeper study, we decided to create our own ‘tailor made’ swords to suit our learning and training needs.
The clear intention in our minds was to produce unique equipment that would bridge the gap that for so many years had hindered the study and practice of this martial art.

We dedicated two years to research and development, meticulously monitoring every phase of production and constantly carrying out product and quality tests.
We did not give up even when failures and critical issues appeared impossible to overcome and we patiently corrected our work, referring back to our fieldwork.

The realization of this ambitious project was also possible thanks to the precious help of an outstanding professional and fencing blades manufacturer, Alberto Franchini, of Franchini Blades, who added value to our research through his vast experience in the field.

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