A unique sword, which draws inspiration from the powerful Renaissance Master Achille Marozzo, the only Master of Italian tradition whit a complete system for using the two-handed sword. A tool specifically created to allow you to fully study this treatise and to finally be able to use this sword even in the Sparring, in full freedom of use and without thoughts. Light and extremely easy to handle, you can enjoy the fantastic feeling of freedom of use in complete safety!
The parrying hooks placed in the advanced position they will give you everything you need to learn and experiment the Gioco Stretto and the techniques against the polearms; The long handle will give you the hand for a powerful and elegant Gioco Largo. All this incorporated in a simple and elegant design, strictly all Made in Italy!


Blade material: Spring steel
Overall length: 1480mm
Blade length: 1110mm
Handle length (inc. pommel): 360mm
Guard length: 280mm
PoB: 70 mm
Weight: 1600g +/- 20g

Price: 390€ (Vat not inc.)


Inspired by the splendid Sala d`Arme training sword “Odescalchi”, preserved in the Palazzo Venezia Museum in Rome, we created shape with a unique design, at the service of a technical and performance use that makes it as quick as thought! A tribute to the great tradition of old Master’s schools, which for centuries provided valuable tools for practice. The ROMAN FEDER was designed to offer the best performances: the longest Feder in its class, but with extraordinary weight and maneuverability. In your hands, you will in fact, have a stable Sword in a parry and inexorable in the attacks, the ideal companion in every field of use, from the normal training, to the intensive and agonistic assaults.
The charming Shilt gives an extravagant and recognizable touch, blending magnificently with the tapered lines of the blade and the handle with the comfortable knob, balanced in their proportions, offering a stable grip.
The feeling is great control and full speed acceleration.


Blade material: Spring steel
Overall length: 1390mm
Blade length: 1040mm
Handle length (inc. pommel): 340mm
Guard length: 250mm
PoB: 65 mm (from the guard)
Weight: 1450g +/- 20g

Price: 340€ (Vat not inc.)


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