Inside the technology.
Safety and performance.

Caino swords has been working for over two years to launch a new line of steel simulacra developed for the practice of historical fencing and other martial studies.
Over this long period, we have devoted ourselves to carrying out numerous tests on over 30 sword prototypes!

The data collected from these tests enabled us to further deepen our knowledge and trial of both the productive and performance levels of the products which will be launched on the market for HEMA athletes.

Our project is based on a founding principle which is of utmost importance to us: SAFETY!
Safety guaranteed by our copyrighted technology: the FlexFlow Technology™️ combined with the latest generation performance characteristics.

From the very beginning our prototypes have travelled the globe for testing in different conditions, including tournaments: in fact, our blades have taken part in the main Italian tournaments and have been used daily in intensive sparring by numerous athletes, yielding incredible results in performance, resistance, reliability and, most importantly, safety.

The blade has been engineered and designed to express to the fullest potential the exceptional properties of our material and process. Expert use of Alloy Elements, Hi-tech quench and temper process, the lowest concentration of impurities, and Surface Hardening allowed us to produce the best in class product with no compromise of quality.

Flex Flow™ Technology.
The core.

The core of Flexflow Technology is our ability to reach both very high Elastic Modulus and Tensile Strength; those properties represent the main performance index when discussing steel properties in the more general Industry.
High Elastic Modulus will allow the blade to enter only Elastic deformation (a type of temporary distortion fully recoverable) and never undergo permanent damaging deformation (called plastic deformation). Still, if it should happen due to a blow or a parry, the High Tensile Strength instead will help the blade to withstand the impact without a critical breaking or snapping of the blade.

The progressive plastic deformation, in the long run, will further increase the mechanical properties of the blade due to a phenomenon called Cold Hardening, all the metal atoms and grains due to all the deformation will start to pack in a more compact structure.
Tensile Strength will increase further, and to re-create a permanent, plastic deformation again,
the stress needed to do this will also be higher.

The studies and analyzes were conducted
by the Materials Engineer Antonio Simeone

Our ROMAN FEDER has been approved by
the Italian Fencing Federation (FIS).
The official test bench of our simulacra was the First Federal competition for the two-handed sword discipline “The Black Carpet 2019” entirely played with our blades obtaining excellent confirmations.
The long work carried out by our team to create safe and reliable swords, with excellent technical performance, has been rewarded with a unique recognition in the world, by one of the most prestigious fencing federations, obtaining permission to affix the federal logo on our blades for historical fencing.

The Black Carpet – Scherma Storica

Caino Swords & Franchini Blades

Caino Swords has an official partnership with Franchini Blades, a leading Italian company in the production of Olympic fencing blades. They have supported us since the beginning of our activity, guiding us with experience in the development of our products and the creation of FlexFlow Technology.

Starting from the Olympic experience and modern fencing, we created safe blades capable of absorbing the energy and pressure of the hardest impact blows and thrusts, whilst maintaining great elasticity and a material hardness threshold between 47 and 50 HRC.

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