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Are there restrictions for buying these products?
No, these products are categorised as sports equipment and weapon simulacrums for the practice of historical martial arts. Clearly, the product must be used appropriately and in conformity with the aforementioned context.

Can I buy your products from any country?
For the time being sales are limited to EU countries, but we are working on being able to sell outside the EEC in the near future.

Is the product guarantee valid worldwide?
At present the guarantee is only valid in those countries to which we ship.

Can I extend the product guarantee?
No, our products carry a standard six-month guarantee.

Can I request a made to measure product?
No, this is not possible as our products have specific technical characteristics to guarantee top quality, which could be compromised by personalisation.

Do you offer discounts for large orders and/or special orders?
We do consider applying discounts and promotions for special orders, according to the quantity or the offer involved. We offer a 20% discount on the total for minimum orders of 10 swords, whereas special promotions will be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Can I choose the courier I would prefer?
Our Company uses approved couriers, which will vary according to the country of destination.
However, it is possible to choose your preferred courier by stating “on-site delivery” on the order and communicating your chosen courier by email within 30 minutes of placing your order.
(n.b. we will not be held responsible for loss or damage of your package in those cases where the shipping method is not chosen by our Company).

In case of a product return do I have to use the original packaging?
Not necessarily. In the event of a return appropriate product packaging will be agreed upon so as to guarantee safe and secure

How am I to carry out product maintenance?
There are two types of maintenance:
Ordinary maintenance is to be carried out periodically and essentially consists in the regular removal of scratches and abrasions and rapid cleaning with a Scotch Brite cloth;
Exceptional maintenance consists in straightening out extraordinary curvature by using a worktop clamp, returning the blade to its original form.

Do you offer an instalment plan to pay for your products?
No, unfortunately we do not offer this service.

Is it possible to have the down payment refunded?
During the pre-order phase the down payment can be refunded within fifteen days of the payment, if requested by e-mail and by filling out the refund form supplied by our company. Beyond this period, it will no longer be possible to request a refund of the down payment.

In which other cases is it possible to have the down payment refunded?
Refund of the down payment made in the pre-order phase can only occur should the Company not fulfil the agreed delivery times. In this case, the 15-day deadline is considered void as we hold responsibility for guaranteeing the stated delivery date.

How do I place my orders?
In the section “How to Order” you will be guided through the correct way to place your order, with all the relative and useful information as well as the procedure to follow.

Do you have anti-fraud protection?
Your payments can be made through bank transfer but there is the possibility to pay via PAYPAL, the simple and safe way to pay.

Can customers leave feedback about your products?
Yes, arbitrary evaluations of our products are highly welcomed by our Company, as we consider caring for our customers as one of the factors that allow us to achieve high quality.

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